Stacking config rules

I think we should extend the stacking configuration to allow staking rules override.
The would be to have a default stacking configuration (as there is today) but then we could add override configs (child nodes in the tree?) with different configurations to use for stacking depending on some conditions.

  • If the piece would match one of the override rules, it would use those stacking options, otherwise it would use the default one
  • it will be also important that the rules are validated and applied in the order they are on the list so that only the first rule that applies is the one to be used.

Let’s look at the example below

Those item cards I want to stack them in the way they are stacking so that I see the extra bits on the bottom of each card. However, because there is a single stacking config, this means that the heart tokens are also stacking in the same way. However, I want the heart tokens to stack in a normal pile and be able to move that pile around (which means I cannot use a deck for that).

With such override, I could filter how the pieces should stack based on their type/property (for example) and have cards and heart tokens stacking in different ways.