Stacking madness

Ok. I’m working on a card game that I wanted the mouse over stack viewer to show all the cards in a stack when it was in a particular zone on the map. So, I figured they couldn’t be cards (duh, stack viewer), which isn’t too much an issue. So I changed them to stacks and setup my zones and everything seems to be working fine. I also setup layers because I want 1 particular piece to always be on top and I want the Mouse-over Stack viewer to show all pieces in a stack.

However, that is not working. If my pieces are on different layers, it shows just the top piece (and, yes, I have the mouse-over set to show all layers). And are my pieces supposed to click into a pile automatically when placed on each other? Sorry, this stacking thing is bugging me. :blush:

First: Pieces equals Cards, there is no different in handling.
Second: The maps automatically stacks pieces on each other if placed close on each other. The options of the look of stacked pieces can be changed in [Stacking options]. To prevent this, you can either disable stacking global in these options or add the “can’t stack” trait.
The problems occurs when using layer since your one card and the stack are two different stacks. The stack viewer shows the stack on top, which is the one card.
There is no way for yourself to place the one card beneath the others?

Well, that was what I was originally wanting to do. The cards are placed underneath the main card. In play they are slightly out so you can see that they are there. The stack viewer would work just as well. But, I have yet to figure out how to do it properly.

So you want to count the cards in the stack?
So why don’t you simple make a special place to lay down the top card and another place for the rest?
Or, which would be more work, take a look at this wiki entry: … _of_a_Deck
This could be a solution without using layers. Place an empty deck there and add the cards to the deck.

Actually, what I wanted was a neat stack of cards. My OCD was getting the best of me. lol Figured out what I needed to do…not worry about a neat stack of cards, and it works fine now. Thanks.