Stacking on player hand boards?

Hello All:

I notice that piece stacking seems to behave differently on the Main map versus Player Hands, regardless of the corresponding stacking options for the maps/boards.

The pieces on the map board stack properly, and the stack properly expands with a mouse pause over the stack.

But, when I place the pieces on my player hand board, they do not stack. They always shift fully to the right of the overlayed piece. If I drag another piece in, they rotate.

Is this by design on player hands, it seems that way. Am I missing some setting or option? I’ve experimented with all settings I can find, and can’t seem to make this work on player hands the way it does on the main board.



Yes, Player Hands are designed to show a hand of cards, so have an in-built lay out the cards stacking setup. If you want to handle this yourself, then use a Private Window instead of a Player Hand.

Thank you Brent! Makes sense. I still need these windows to be associated with players, and I didn’t realize one could still do this with private windows.