Stacking problems: Empire of the Sun

I’m playing the Empire of the Sun module and some units don’t seem to stack together. For instance, I had two US ships and a marine unit in Cairns and double-click “accordion” expansion view works fine, as does the mouse-over pop-up. But when I added an additional marine unit to the stack it doesn’t appear on either the expansion view or the mouse-over. When I drag the other units away it is definitely there. I found this problem with a few other units, and sometimes they stack with some units but not with others.

I know from searching the forum that there is some layering mechanism used in some modules to stop certain units stacking, but there is no reason for this to be happening here for the units in question, and I’m not sure how I could check this in the editor as I’m a newbie (I dug around a bit, and the only layers I could see referred to graphics). Help!

Ok, so I think I’ve got a work around solution for this, but I’d still like to get some views on why it is happening:

  1. Try this at home. Load up the 1942 sceario as the Allies and try and stack the 1st Marine Div 12-12 with the Marine brigade 8-8. The former is on the reinforcement track and the other is in the delayed reinforcement box. Try and stack them and you’ll notice they don’t stack: no accordion, and only top unit in mouse-over.

  2. Delete them and replace them with copies from the units pallet. They now stack. Magic.

Any views on what’s happening?

Yes. the module was updated so the pieces would stack properly like you see when you pull the pieces out from the palette, but the saved game setup file with the units on the tracks was not updated. Pieces retain their old state in saved game files unless updated except for the pieces in the palette which always use the latest module information

You need to contact the module maintainer and have them update the save game file

Thanks for the reply Tim.