Stalingrad 42, Empire of the Sun or The Dark Valley PBEM

Looking for a PBEM game for one of these three games (prefer allies for EOTS, play too much as JPN).

hi, i am interested in stalingrad 42, e-mail for me

sounds good, will send an email

I would be interested in EOTS.

sorry, already started a game

No worries, perhaps another time.

I would be up for Stalingrad 42 or TDV if there is any interest.

Give me a day or two, I started another game, but I am thinking that I may be ghosted. Let me confirm whether the other player is interested in continuing on. Give me a day or two.

Still interested in Stalingrad? just wrapped up my other game.

Dean - I remain interested but please do let me know. I would play the Russian side. I responded to you on e-mail but then realized it didn’t go through.

Sorry again, I actually just started another game.

no worries. I am at if you are looking for opponents in the future

Hi. I was wondering if you are interested in a game, Stalingrad 42. I have not played it but I know how to play H44 and read the Stalingrad rules. I think they are quite similar with some small difference. I will also like to play the Empire of the Sun or Dark valley but I have never played them or read the rules. I could read it and then, play a game. Let me know if you are interested and I will send you my E-mail or Discord nick name

sorry, already have another game going

Ok. Good luck with your game.

Howdy, I enjoy Stalingrad 42 and would love to play. I’ve completed four campaign games. I just joined Discord’s Vassal PBEM.