Stalingrad 42 Movements Trail

I would like to add 2 options to the Staligrand 42 module :

  • The movements Trail are show always when any unit move automatically. The trail are removed with a buttom or a key

  • Maps do not center in a unit when it moves.

Sorry if this questions are “easies” but i do not find the way to do it.

Thank you very much.


Not sure if the designer of this module reads this, but I found another minor error that could be fixed in the next version.

In the initial setup of the caucasus campaign, the first two units on the “Soviet At Start” page, cavalry divisions 12KK and 116KK, should start in hex 2840. In the 1.0 module they start in hex 2640.

That functionality is built into Vassal. It is an option each user can choose to turn on or not in their Vassal preferences. General Tab → Center on opponent’s moves? option.

Looks like the most recent version (and only) of the module is April of 2020, implying the module maintainer may still be available to maintain it. You could probably send an email (available on the Module page in the wiki)

Not strictly true, because there is a “Global Option” that the module designer has to have set correctly to allow the preference to function. If module has it set to “Always” or “Never” then the preference will be ignored.

I had somebody email me asking me to set that “correctly” in For the People, which I of course immediately did which is how version 3.2 came to be I think. :slight_smile:

Ah, forgot about that one.

I thought I have seen this option somewhere but in this particular module, it does not exist. The map automatically centers on the last moved piece. The map is so big that I couldn’t live without it so it probably should be an option that each player can set according to preference.


Yeah module designer just needs to
(1) Edit module
(2) Open “Global Options” properties
(3) It’s like the second thing down… change it to “Use preference”.
(4) Save module

And you can obviously just do that for your own copy of the module in the mean time.

Thank you everybody for your help.