Stalingrad (AH) PBEM

Hi All,

I picked this classic game up a few years ago at a local con and would very much like to play. I’ve yet to play any game on vassal. But, I’m thinking this would be a good game to get started with.

While I haven’t played this game and haven’t played any game on vassal. I do have f2f gaming experience for similar games. I’ll give my opponent a consistent PBEM commitment and hopefully a decent game.

Thanks to whoever is willing and able to help get me going on Vassal and on this game!


Are you still looking for a PBEM Vassal opponent for Stalingrad? If so, please contact me by email at

I will send you an email.

Perhaps you could post about how to handle the Attacker/Defender Back 2 results, since the winner determines the loser’s retreat route. I’m guessing the winner will email the loser asking the loser to retreat to a specific hex. For Attacker Back 2 I think it involves an extra pair of emails. I’m trying to build a module for a Stalingrad variant. Right now I haven’t defined any sides, so the winner can move the loser’s pieces.

Thanks very much.
Stewart (scs)