Stalingrad Module

Seems to be missing a 2-3-6, I see only two but there should be three!


I’ve reposted a corrected version of Stalingrad with the missing counter, as well as an extension for the module that includes the optional, alternative CRT you supplied. Thanks!

Great job on the stalingrad mod.I might be wrong but I think the rumanian
4th inf corp is missing.

You’re right, the 4th Rumanian Infantry is indeed missing. Good catch. I will fix that and upload the fix shortly.

My son and I are having a blast playing your mod much thanks for your work.I found one more counter problem.The 2nd Russian Cav is 4-4-6 in your mod and it should be 4-6-6.I wish my original game map and counters were as great as your mod.Thanks again.


You have a sharp eye! I’ve fixed the counter problems you’ve spotted, and uploaded a corrected version of the module.

The module graphics were actually created by John Cooper, and he graciously consented to let me use them in the module. His website URL and email address is in the readme file:)