Standard Combat Series anyone?

Hello, anyone intersted in playing (PBEM only, sorry) some of the SCS games?
I own SPII, Afrika II, Bastogne, Ardennes, Yom Kippur, It Never Snows, Guadalajara, Karelia 44.

SCS Gamer since 1992. Have complete series. New to Vassal- PBEM ok.


New to SCS bt OK with vassal. I have SPII and INS. Can’t do live but can do PBEM. Would you be interested in a game of either one or both?


I have (I mean, I own the game, know the rules and can play any scenario…) SPII, AfrikaII, Guadalajara, Ardennes, Bastogne, INS, Yom kippur. The campaign game of INS should be great but seems very very hard to play PBEM on Vassal. I have no real preference, you may choose the game scenario and side.
You can contact me at