Standard Combat Series?

Anyone interested in a PBEM game at one of the following SCS games?
Stalingrad Poket II, Ardennes, Guadalajara, Bastogne, Yom Kippur, Heights of courage, it never Snows, Afrika II, The Mighty Endeavour II.
No preferences on scenarios or side.


Did you ever get any takers? I have It Never Snows, Heights of Courage, and Yom Kippur; I’d be happy to give any of them a go PBEM.


PM sent

Yom Kippur and Mighty Endeavour here if you are interested.

PM sent

HI. I don’t mean to necro an old post, but I am new to SCS and looking for VASSAL opponents (live or PBEM). I currently own: Yom Kippur, Heights of Courage, Panzer Battles, Rock of the Marne and Day of Days.


I’ve had my eye on Rostov '41 for the last couple of days, and I’m wondering how well does it (or other SCS games) play via PBEM?

When the active player attacks, the defender might have to take one or more step losses, and/or retreat all defending units. Then the active player can choose to declare another attack, etc.

Does the active player send the logfile to the defending player after each attack, and then wait for their response before declaring the next attack? Or is there a shortcut that can be taken, such as declaring and rolling for all attacks, then sending the logfile to the defender for them to respond to all results at one time?

Any other tips or tricks for making a game of SCS go smoothly via PBEM?

Cheers! Steve

@StevetheNPC I haven’t played Rostov ’41 yet. I am in the middle of The Mighty Endeavor by email and combat isn’t as cumbersome via email as you might think. We don’t send the logfile after each attack. The attacker sends the logfile after his combat is done. Some attacks are step losses only–by rule the strongest unit has to absorb the first step loss. If it’s a D2 result, the second step loss is usually obvious. For retreat results, those are done one by one, after he gets the logfile. Then he returns the logfile for advance after combat and the rest of the player’s turn. Make sense?

I think the game plays really well by email, at least TME does. YMMV with Rostov ’41 but somehow i think you will find it workable.

As a side note, we sometimes send the file after the movement phase, just to double check for error. That way, you don’t have a logfile that goes on with combat and exploitation and all the rest which are all compromised by a movement error.

As a side, side note, if you are looking for a PBEM opponent I would like to try Rostov.