Star Fleet Battles

The facebook group for the Star Fleet Battles Cadet module is
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Cadet ships are half the size of full scale SFB ships for faster games. The Cadet Game uses a lighter rule set as well.
There are videos on youtube for how to play

Rules learned in each Scenario

Scenario 1,2,3
The sequence of play.
How to move, facings, turn modes.
Firing arcs, shield facings.
Photons, phasers, disruptors, seeking weapons, Drones
Ship explosion strength 2xdamcon

Scenario 4
Energy Allocation
Arming costs

Scenario 5
Damage chart (not directional phaser hits)

Scenario 6

Scenario 7
Full scale ships DAC
Directional phaser hits(shuts as a weapon hit)
Lock on (Sen/Scan)
Mid turn cloaking and fade period +1,+2,+3,+4,+5, +2x+5

Scenario 8
Fractional accounting and move cost ships other than 1.
Tractor Beams R1(drones, shuts, Ftrs, No death drag, freighters only unless using full scale ships)
Transporters (H&R Capture) T-Bombs, NSM

Scenario 9
Shuttle weapons, Suicide Shuts

Scenario 10
Side Slips, Tactical manoeuvres
Shield reinforcement Damage Control(fixing shields)
Klingon mutiny and SCTY boxes
Reserve Power (batteries)

Scenario 11
Labs/Probes to ID seekers and monster research
Probes as emergency weapon

Scenario 12
Other races
Gorns - plasma
Lyrans - ESG,
Hydrans - Fus, Hellb, Ftrs, Ph-G, Ftr Repair, CCM,
Kzinti - Drone cruisers
Orions - optional mounts, doubling power ship
Tholians - Web fist/caster, snare
Seltorians - Web Breaker, Particle Cannon, Shield Cracker
Wyn - Freighter warships, option mounts

Things Regular Full Scale SFB players need to remember when playing Cadet

No Midturn speed changes
No Emer Decel
No Breakdown
No disengagement except off the map edge
No overloads
No UIM/Derfacs
No Bolts
No envelopers
No fastloads
No Shotguns
No Drogues
No Carronade
No plasma-D
Drone rules are different on specials.
No wild weasels
No tractoring ships (exception freighters)
No Drove rack reloads
No Orion doubling (unless using the doubling ship)
No paying for Fire control or life support
No tracking crew unit deaths except BP via H&R and capture
No BPV /Refits / Commanders options
No Nimble Ships
No Pinwheel
No Docking
No Critical hits
No Chain reactions
No Aegis No Tacintell
No Catastrophic damage/Separation
No Shock
No Energy Balance Due to damage
No ballistic targeting
No Tugs/Pods
No Super intelligent Computer
No Crew Quality - Legendary Officers -Pilot Quality
No Andro
No Scout Functions
No Cloak Decoy
No Web Anchor
No Dogfigting
No Pfs Int etc…

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