Star Ship Troopers

Any bug fans out there, or space Marines looking for holes?

Probably the very first AH/Wargame I ever bought, as a kid.

Don’t have it any more, but given a way to read up on the rules I’d be willing to give it, and Vassal, a try

The Star Ship Troopers Rules are available at Boardgame Geek.
The URL is here:

I have the rules in pdf. I would have to read through them also. Always wanted to try this game. Just never had an opponent.

RoadKing, Direwolf, etc…

so when would be a good time to arrange a game?

Live? PBEM?

I’d have to start from the first scenario and its rules, personally

I have a 3 day weekend coming this weekend for the monday holiday. One of those days would work for me. I still need to read the rules.

This weekend got tied up. I may have time tomorrow evening, or Monday evening

Monday evening would work better for me. I do have to leave for work at 11:00pm MST (-7 GMT).

So we need to start before 8PM your time - 10 PM for me. (EST)

How early can you get started?

Hello… I would still like to work out a time to play. Today Monday is not going to work. Girlfriend telling me today is anniversary. So I will be unavailable. I will have time to read through the rulebook at work though. I work graveyards and I am the only one there. Then I will be more ready to start as well.

OK - I’ll have to look at my schedule as I’m busy the next few days - and Saturday is an all-day game day, Sunday a work party.

What time windows. My hours are centered around business hours, but very flexible usually. Eastern time…

Any new times? - would love to run through the scenarios here.

I’m unavailable this weekend - spending Saturday gaming and Sunday dealing with other stuff, but can PBEM or even do something evening EST

The PBEM will work… that way we can at least get a start.


I’m a Starship Troopers fan. In fact, I’m playing one of the ST Vassal modules right now against a friend of mine.

Love to hook up and play sometime