Star Trek: Ascendancy - Deck Shuffling, Space Lane Die

Vassal newbie here but with the pandemic I hope to run a session of Star Trek: Ascendancy this weekend with friends that are newbies to both Vassal and Star Trek: Ascendancy (I own and have played the physical game)

Question: How are the planet disks shuffled? Official setup for 3 players is 6 random planets on top of all remaining planets and phenomena shuffled together. I get that I could create two stacks but I can’t get even one stack to shuffle. I thought the square to the right of the planets was a shuffling hot spot but I’ve tested some small stacks and the planets are always drawn in the order they were placed.

Question: The space lane die is a D6 with custom faces. I get I could create a lookup table but is the proper die implemented? I believe it is a weighted 2-4 range (will check later today).

Question (minor): Looks like the rotate attribute has not been set on Starbases. Minor issue, just makes the board look bad, but SB’s should really rotate so they can be placed clear of Space Lanes.

Thanks in advance.

So, I actually discovered the answers while this was posting.

Q1: Deal 6 planets face down onto the discard pad (draw these first). Drag all of the phenomena tiles and drop on the remaining planet stack, they will auto-shuffle and draw from this combined stack when the starter planets are gone.

Q2: The real space lane die IS NOT weighted, its simple to map the results onto a d6: 2-2-3-3-4-4

Q3: Just deal with it, strictly a cosmetic issue.