Star Wars Rebellion

I have a game going now but always looking for more. Can play either the base or expansion.


Are you playing via email or real time?

Via email is more realistic, but I have done some games where we have done some live if time permits. I’m from the Boston area and the guy I play the most is from Germany so that is generally done via email due to the 6 hour time difference, but sometimes we do get on live. Playing by email obviously involves a trust factor, but if someone is going to cheat in a game, then they are really taking the experience away from themselves as far as I a concerned.

Playing by email is probably my preference. Where are you located?

Have played both but prefer email. Sent you a PM.

Email would be cool

Bump. Stuck working from home on my computer all day could crank through some games fairly quickly!!!

where is the download for the .vmod … i don’t see it listed ?

I have the same question Ruffy has.

I got it from boardgamegeek, but if you PM me with your email, I can send it your way.

Hello, I am interested in playing too! Could you pass me the vmod? Many thanks!

Bump. Looking for a game of Rebellion. Recently got back into it. Base or expansion is fine with me.