Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures

  • Added TIE/se, TIE/wi and BTA-NR2, with dials, ship gfx, pilots and upgrades from Wave X Sept 2021

  • Added the Electro-Chaff Cloud token to the bomb spawner options (CTRL-U if you’re a hotkey fanatic)

  • Cloud overlap triggers on: ship crossing it, landing on it, cloud landing on ship

  • Cloud CTRL-L gfx overlay appears

  • Cloud autorange works

  • Fuse marker spawns with electro-chaff missile upgrade


  • selected ship on ALT-C no longer reports itself

  • Launch Bay Next (website) has replaced the official Squad builder in the autospawn window

Have you checked compatibility with 3.6.0-beta2?

haven’t had a chance yet!
this was a long drawn out battle with updating Intellij to 2021, gradle to at least 5.0 and keeping my dependencies in order.

You will find that your dependencies are a problem, viz. that you have copies of the contents of Vassal’s JAR and all its dependencies inside your module, which you should not.

I’m willing to trim down my module as much as I can, but I’m not a professional programmer. I’m just persistent and patient enough to solve problems eventually. I’ve started to modify my tasks whose purpose is to compile my java source files and pack it into a vmod. I think the module used to not contain the VASSAL extracted jar before, but I forgot when this happened.

a quick test in simply removing the vassal folder makes the module crash, as it no longer finds the classes it needs to operate. These folders could be safely removed (as far as I can tell):

These could not:

I’ll do some more testing, as in, removing the vassal dependency, trying to shove it into the external libraries, etc. I don’t have a solid grasp of Intellij despite years of usage, but I’m willing to try anything and everything.

Your code definitely has a dependency on those things, so removing whatever indicates that it does is likely also wrong. The point is that those class files are provided at runtime by Vassal, so including them in your module is not just unnecessary, but could also cause strange behavior if they differ from the ones packaged with the version of Vassal in which you’ve loaded the module.

I’d like to see how exactly you’re producing the module. Where can I look for that?