StarFire Players Wanted

I did not see an opponents wanted entry for the StarFire module. If I missed it please direct me to the correct location.

The module currently available appears to be configured for the 1st edition. With some effort I suspect it could be updated to later editions as it only covers the tactical game.

Anyone interested in playing (any edition)?

Location: EST/GMT-4/-5 (depending on daylight savings time)
Primary Language: English
Real Time weeknights plus Voice-over-computer support preferred

I’d like to play Starfire.
Location CST/GMT -6

I am interested in playing Starfire as well, either 2nd or 3rd edition, and ideally Imperial Starfire

I would love to play.
I use to own the first generation, and even wrote an AI player for it back in the day.
Rules are long lost now.

Only played it once back in 2nd edition, but I would be interested in playing too.