Starting Liberty Roads

Can anyone detail the proper sequence for starting LR? My opponent has started a game and sent me the vsav and vlog. When I open either one, I am not getting prompted to join a side. Do we need to start online? Thanks for any help.

You are not asked for a player side because you were not part of the saved game. What you need to do is have your friend load the saved game, you need to synch with them - which will let you select a player side - and then save the game.

Is the only way to sync online? BTW, thanks for the quick response!

I’m curious to know why you think a pbem game has to start that way. Doesn’t having to synch (get online) for a pbem game defeat the purpose of pbem? I’m pretty certain (because I don’t pbem) that this is not right though :wink:

Not having seen the module, I’m going to assume it doesn’t have sides defined. Defining ‘sides’ in a module can be handy, but doesn’t actually aid anything in many games. Just move your pieces and your opponent moves his. (Though doing obvious retreats for him can speed up email play.) If there are things to respond to, start a new log file, and do your responses as you step through his actions. Otherwise, start a log file once you’ve reached the end of his, and then do your actions.

When online, If you both independently load the same file, you’re still each looking at the independent load of the game on your own machines. Synching (synchronizing) means you are loading a direct copy of what is already loaded on the other person’s machine, so that when one of you does something, the other sees it happen.

After taking a look, this module version 1.2.2 does have player sides defined. Unless they are using a different version from somewhere else…

Thanks for the suggestions fellas. It is a great game, BTW. We just played the campaign here in Charleston at BROGFest.

We tried “syncing” (starting the game) online too. No joy.

One component of the game is support markers. They are kept hidden until revealed at the appropriate time. I should be able to see mine, but not his - very similar to any VASSAL CDG wargame, like EotS, for example.

Has anyone got this to work properly in 2-player mode with each player having joined different sides?

what version of vassal are you using

VASSAL = 3.1.15 (on both boxes)

well its not the old default username/pw problem from versions past then. Most likely your opponent has somehow locked up all player sides (there is only 2 though). What version module you using btw?

For fun, try this exercise.

Start a new game by your self offline. See if you can select a side. If you can proceed selecting a side. Save the game and send this new saved game to your opponent and see if he is able to select sides when they open the saved game

We tried that one already. :slight_smile:

I wonder if anyone has played the 1.2.2 module successfully while joining opposite sides. Maybe this mod is not ready for prime time.

In our game we started with mod version 1.2.2 and VASSAL 3.1.5 and are having the same problem. All workarounds have failed also.


It could be the password if you both happened to pick exactly the same password.

We do not have the same password, after several abortive trials today I am convinced this module is broken. I have contacted Hexasim but no reply yet.

Too bad as this looks and feels like a great game to play.


You can use the 1.0 module. It is also on the Hexasim website. That one does

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We do not have the same password, after several abortive trials today I
am convinced this module is broken. I have contacted Hexasim but no
reply yet.

Too bad as this looks and feels like a great game to play.


Read this topic online here:

Another note in case it helps, we tried starting with a new game with no setup (not a preloaded game save included in the mod). I logged in as the Germans and got prompted to join and started a log in which I added 3 German counters, ended the log and sent it to the Allied player. He loaded it and was prompted to join as Allied, cool, and even the support chits were working.

BUT he could NOT see any of the German counters that I had placed. He placed some Allied units and sent back to me. I loaded saw his counters but my German counters were still not there. I clicked the retire button and it asked me if I wanted to retire as the Germans so that means I was logged as being the German player.


The “1.0” version does not do the support chits correctly and has many bugs as you get further into the game. I will check it out again but my first experience was a real let down.


Thank you Tim!!

The “1.0” version is working very well, our game has started.