Startup Action Button & added features

A request for Vassal v3.7 if it happens:

Similar to getting Action Buttons at Map level, it would be super helpful to have a Startup Action Button.
Working like the StartUp GKC but with the scope of the Action Button.

One big advantage of this is that Action Buttons can generate Hotkeys directly, unlike a Startup GKC which requires logic on a piece to do anything useful.

Related to this, it could be useful to add these abilities to Startup GKC and Startup Action Buttons:-

  1. Ability to call the components from a Hotkey directly*
  2. Ability to disable via a property (= true)

*e.g. for integration with “in game” side switching, as this does not go through startup routines but might need to use the same logic.


Just to note that Vassal v3.7 includes the ability of an SGKC to fire a hotkey (currently in beta - see News forum for latest). The new feature is outlined here.

In addition, another v3.7 change adds to Startup GKC the ability to fire when a player joins or changes side. Thanks due to @Cattlesquat for these enhancements.