Statis Pro Football Module help

Where exactly do the team “away” and “home” sets go so they show up on the main map? I can get them extracted into the game but no idea how to get them to show in the game.

Any help is appreciated!

Have you been able to work this out yet - if not have a look at the Help screens in the module or send me a PM and I can talk you through it - it sounds like you may have joined the game as an observer and therefore cannnot control any of the cards - for practice you need to join the game as a solitaire player - apologies for delay in answering.


Having the same problem, it appears. Have downloaded v1.2 and the 2009 teams, but after following the instructions for where to put the .mdx files, no teams show up in the module. (I have tried using 1.1 and 1.2, and calling the subfolder “StatisPro1.1_ext” and “StatisPro1.2_ext” to no effect.)

Are you missing the “V” in the folder name? It should read “StatisProV1.2_ext”.

It has to be identical to the module name.

Well, son of a … :blush:


Quick Q: sorry to be a noob, but how would I alter/create team cards? Thanks!