Statis Pro

Is anyone interested in giving this module a try? It will be a brand new Vassal module to me although I played the board game a lot back in the dim and distant past. I like the nostalgia appeal of the 1987 cards but would consider anything.

If there is a lot of interest we could set up a mini league with all play all to decide the champion team. Probably getting a bit carried away now.

I am in the UK and would be looking to play for an hour or so late at night say between 11 and 12 GMT.

If your still around give me a shout…

I had almost forgotten about that posting, you are the first person to respond. I would still be interested in a game if we can set one up. Although I have been playing Vassal for some time now I have been playing PBEM only as this is my preferred option. I can see however that for a game like Statis Pro online play is by far the best option.

I played Statis pro a lot back in the 1980s and 1990s but not at all for at least 10 years so I may be a bit rusty.

Let me know if you are interested. My opportunities for playing online are pretty limited but I could probably manage an hour late at night a couple of times a week. I live in the Uk by the way and I am not sure which time zone you are in.

Thanks for getting in touch

Dont know if your still around…I love the Statis Pro line…
I have all of them…

I am on the west coast but would to give it a try


anyone know of any online leagues?

You might have more luck posting on the Yahoo Statis Pro Group site:

I tried getting an on line replay of the 1987 playoffs going a couple of years back when the Vassal module was first posted, but it didn’t really get off the ground - I think the problem is that people just do not have the time to commit to this sort of thing.

We have a Vassal Sports Facebook Group currently working on making some additional Baseball teams.