Steam module

I like to learn how to play Steam before buying it.
I’m GMT +1 , mail me if you could learn me this game please.
I have also the possibylity to skype during a session.
The modules i have installed already.

If this teaching session ever happens please let me know. I would be interested in learning the game also.

i will sir.

Hi, I’ve recently aquired the game and played it twice - it’s great and enjoyable game even though a bit dry.
I am in the same timezone (NL) and will gladly teach the game in exchange for a few plays… point is I’ve got a pretty busy life and am only available on sunday 15:00-18:00 or any day during the evenings 20:30-23:00.
I didn’t see the Steam module, only the Age of Steam one.

Hi Thank you Sir, i send a mail.

Hi, just a quick update: the Steam.vmod can be downloaded from the Yahoo Group files section (you need to register first).