Struggle For Europe minor editing

Trying to make some minor changes to the Module for the Clash of Arms Game Struggle for Europe.

Problem is the original module constructor did not use the clone command, which I feel would be handy.

I’ve tried inserting it in prototype definitions under common properties, and even though I’ve assigned it a keystroke command that is not used elsewhere it doesn’t show up in the module. There is a line in the prototype definitions that says Marker-Type = Pieces, but I can find no other reference to pieces anywhere…here is a screenshot of the common properties in prototype definitions…all I want to do is be able to clone units and markets for ease of play…any help appreciated

I looked at the module and from a casual glance, the reason this doesn’t work is because the Common Properties prototype is not assigned to any of the pieces. In order for a piece to use the prototype, the piece would need the trait:

Prototype - Common Properties

Best thing to do would be to create a new Prototype containing the Clone command and go to each piece you want the Clone command on and add the Prototype.