Struggle for Europe module won't open

I’m using Vassal 3.6.19 but I’m considering getting an earlier version to see if I can open this. I’ve tried opening both of the available modules (2.3 and 2.4) with 3.6.19. Both give the message “Bad Data in Module: Source: A Error: Image not found.” and “Bad Data in Module: Source: D Error: Image not found.” When I tried to edit the module, I got the warning that the module was made with an earlier version of Vassal and if changed would not be usable by any Vassal version before 3.6. Still no sign of the maps, which is strange because I renamed the .vmod to .zip and extracted the contents to a separate directory. There is a “Full Map Struggle.png” as well as a “base Layer.png”, both of which appear to be the map used.
I turned on Audit Trails and can post an errorlog if needed.

I’d really like to be able to use this module as I’m setting up a PBEM game for the winter.

I haven’t been able to get the maps to load with version 2.4 of this module, nether in Vassal 3.2.17 nor in a 3.7.0 development build. It also appears that most of the predefined setups listed don’t have any save files associated with them.

Have you tried contacting the module’s maintainer about these problems?

These messages are usually not game breaking and a module can generally be used even if you get some of these. Those two images just won’t be displayed.

That just means exactly what it says, don’t change the module in the editor and save it in 3.6 if you want to keep using the module in an earlier version.

The module does some non-standard things with subsidiary maps and does actually work if you know the secret sauce.

When I start a new game, I get several private windows ‘nation R&R’s’ windows that open up and take up the full screen. These have been defined as always open maps and If you close any of these, then the scenario closes. These should really be defined to have a Toolbar button to open/close them.

Once I resized and moved these windows out of the way, I could click on the ‘Map’ button which opens the Main Map in a detached separate window.

At a minimum, I would ask the designer to create Buttons for all of those private menus and put them on a toolbar menu to get them out of the way. The way it is is just painful.

If the designer is not interested, then there is also nothing stopping you from creating your own version of the module for your tournament and fixing the worst problems yourself.Just edit the module with the earliest version of Vassal that any of your players will be using.