Struggle of Nations

I’m looking for an opponent to play struggle of nations with some easier rules.

I am interested
Do you have simplier rules?

yes, I just played with simpler rules, but we have to agree on that.
For example we can play just without the admin points. Just moving the armies even without attrition is fun. Sorry I didnt answer too quickly. I have histwar les grognards ( and there you can create an actual battlefield in 3 d from google maps , make your owhn Order of battle and fight it out in 3D with 1:1 soldier-scale (literally with 200 000 figures+ organized in regiments and corps) on a similar to real live landscape. So one can make a quite simple campaign and when the battle starts (or when the armies come closer than 8 km i.e. 4 hexes) one can fight it out in realtime or pla by email in 3D.
If you dont have this game we have to find some easier rules for combat resolution?
How much complexity would you like to play with?

I don’t own histwar game;
a game like struggle can be very long if each time there is a meeting, we have to organize a sub game. But its an idea I had in the past with “la bataille” serie, because battle rules of Zucker serie are very basic. Its not the battle rules we have to simplify in Struggle.

for struggle of nations, I have built a cyberboard module which replace 2hex package system with one hex force, in order to be playable like other games of the serie

Playing without AP and attrition means movement by initiative only, no more malus for moving with big forces, no LOC to guard.
Its not very historic, or only with short battle scenarios. But i think you goal is to transfer campaign game to battle level.
Its interessant to create battles which didn’t happen with nex OOB, new battlefield.

So, i generally play with traditional rules because command and attrition system are the bulk of the game and I am accustomized with attrition calculs.
I am not a fan of vedettes rules which is as for me a too complex system in the system; When 1807 game was producted, basic fog of war rules were enough for me with an added reconnaissance set.
I am not a fan of battle rules but after many experiences, I didn’t find something more fun and less bad.

I will send a PM to you with my email, so we can communicate on that.
I own SoN since 20 years and never got it to play. I once started it but it took too long for my oponent. What I like is the great map and the 2 day turns and also guarding the LOC.
If you want to play with admin, we can, but perhaps make it a little easier.
What do you mean with “traditional rules”?
I havent played board games for a long time but its still a dream to play SoN.
Attrition is ok for me too, although the calculations are too complex I think.
What is a cyberboard module? I like the concept of the 2 packages. What must be taken into account is the looong marching column when using the double quick road factor I think. So the two-hex packages are ok imo. We played even a 30 000 maximum per double hex package when moving on road. These packages can be stacked to max. 60000 when in line. This is much more realistic I think.
Without AP and attrition was only the request of my last opponent who wanted it max simple.
I want attrition too, and LOC should be guarded too. but the initiative calculation seems to be too complicated (with distance and iniative value). We should have more possibilities to move and let counters move if they have connection to headquarter… Do you have an idea for that.
The battle dont have to be done each in HistWar (if you had it). Smaller battles can be calculated by a simple algorithm. Big battle could be done in 3D. But its not a must-have for me. We can also play only on SoN map. What is the minimum complexitiy you would like to play? It should be ok with me.

We can think about 1 day turns, moving simultaniously, i.e sending emails on the same minute. That would be cool.
I have some more ideas to make it more realistic.