Can I interest anyone in playing this classic game of cat and mouse?

I don’t know this game, but I like naval wargames. If you teach me the rules, why not?

Thanks for your messages. I am quite new to vassal myself but would be happy to teach you what I have learnt.
Submarine and Air Force are both excellent games and I would say of medium complexity. I would like to play both but can I suggest we start with Submarine becuase I know the rules are available online but I don’t thaink that is the case with Air Force. If you want to play AF at some point I could probably scan the rules at work and send you a copy.
The rules for submarine are at: … ne_(manual.pdf
Would you like to have a look and see what you think. The rules are divided into basic, basic with optional rules and advanced. I think the game needs the optional rules and at least some of the advanced to be enjoyed at its best but we should start with the basic to see if you like the game and then move on if you wish.
My direct email address is:
Welcome to Vassal and I look forward to hearing from you,

I have not played this game nor Airforce/ Dauntles in several years. I would like to give them all a try, with Submarine first. I have always wanted to play Submarine using double blind rules, just to make it more interesting, and I beleive one can using the current Vassal module though I’ve never tryied it.

I would need to play a refresher game or two using the basic rules. I own most of the variants/ scenarios published in the general, but I did not see PT boats in the counter mix, I have the most current version V.96, so not sure if the module master did not add them.

Anyways drop me a line if you want to play.

Hello Razor
Thanks for getting in touch.
Submarine first then Airforce, sounds good to me. I am away for the next couple of days but will contact you again when I get back and we can set up a scenario to test out the vassal module.


Hi BryJones,
sounds good. I’m in Denver (GMT-7), so live games might be difficult but not impossible. If this module is like the others, we can play live and via e-mail the same scenarios, so hopefully there is that flexibility, just to move the game along.

Hello Razor,

Up to now I have only played Vassal PBEM mainly due to time zone problems and the fact that I do most of my gaming between 10 PM and midnight GMT which I guess would be mid afternoon in Denver. I am happy to try live play if the chance arises.

I have not played Submarine on Vassal but know the game very well. It will be interesting to see how it plays on Vassal especially as I have just tried to play Bismarck and failed becuse the fog of war element seemed to be completely missing. Hopefully Submarine works better.

Do you want to choose sides and which rules you want to play. I think the first game will be a learning experience for both of us so it may be a good idea to start with a fairly simple scenario.

I am ready to start whenever you are,