Suggest a game for a noob?

Hey guys,

I first downloaded VASSAL about 10 years ago and even started designing a game, so I’m familiar with it. I’ve read the user guide as well.

My problem is that I’ve been looking through modules and have found either:

  1. It’s for a paid game and you need to buy the game to get the charts. Fair enough, something more up front would be nice, though. I spent an hour on one until I finally found a statement that said you needed to buy the actual game. I’m no grognard and I don’t know what all games are “payfer” games just by looking at them.

  2. It’s got all the charts but I am totally clueless on what to do. There are buttons and markers galore and even after reading the game rules, I have no idea what to actually DO after placing the markers. It’s kind of unclear as to how much the engine keeps track of and how much the player has to keep track of in terms of what can/can’t be done. Do I move a marker? Do I push a button? What the heck do I do with all those submaps anyway? It’s just beyond me.

SO, my question is really this: is there a fairly simple game with clear instructions that a guy like me can get a better feel for how this all works? There seems to be a general procedural doctrine that I’m just not understanding.



There is a complete Intro game Battle For Moscow here you can find the module for it in the modules are here on VASSAL.

There is another game and module here

In most modules Vassal keeps track of very little the players keep track of most of what is going on. Though in some modules quite a bit can be mechanized.

If you want some help with an intro to playing one of these simple games we can set something up usualy Sunday around noon US Pacific time that around 9p in Europe or 3p US East Coast.

Good Luck
Email me via my VASSAL Account