Suggestions: Drawing Tools for users

I know this was posted in the General Discussion years ago but never as a Feature request (at least not that I know of).
Could we get a set of drawing tools so that players in a game could draw lines, circles, squares, or arrows on the game board? Many games, especially those using large maps like World in Flames, could benefit if the users could draw on the game board, erase, and then draw again to keep track of things like combat or map attachment points, etc.

We plan to do this for V4. If someone wants if for V3, they’ll need to supply the development effort for it.

When is v4 planned to come out? I can’t find this posted anywhere.

I don’t publicly give time estimates for anything I think is more than a month out, as there’s no upside to being right and being wrong just disappoints people.

I what I will say is that V4 is receiving virtually all of my development attention at this point and will continue to do so until it’s ready.


Thank you, I greatly appreciate the time and effort you are putting into Vassal. Great product and very satisfied. Thanks again.

I wish I could use that sentence at work!