Support for DVG Module - Hornet Leader II?


I recently purchased HL II from the DVG website - both the PDF and the Vassal versions. I didn’t receive any link to download a Vassal module so have been unable to play. I hope the link supplied for the .jnlp file isn’t the only way to play? I need a local copy of the module for two reasons:

  1. The Java Web Start has never worked properly for me to run Vassal - I have a local installation on my MacBook Pro (OS X - Leopard). If I try to run the .jnlp file, it begins running and then just hangs at the “Loading VASSAL.jar fro” window at 129K read. It never completes…

  2. I routinely play Vassal games while NOT connected to the 'net (on the airplane for example) so need the ability to load the modules directly.

I sent an email to the tech support address given on the DVG website with no response.

Any ideas?

The DVG modules are only distributed as jnlp links. You don’t need to be connected to the internet to play via Web Start, once you have downloaded the program by running it once. To solve the hanging problem, open Web Start (‘javaws’ from a command window) go to the preferences and delete the temporary internet files.


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Wow it’s that easy.

My apologies! It seems to be working now.

EDIT: However now the game tells me my password is invalid. Is the password the same as what was given to me for the PDF? I assume not. I haven’t received any other email with Vassal account info. I selected (and paid) for both versions.

You should email ‘customerservice’ at the domain to ask them to re-run your registration and re-send your password to you.

Sorry - I should have posted this earlier.

It was entirely my fault (or I can blame gmail I guess) - the registration key was marked as SPAM by gmail so I never saw it.

A quick phone call to DVG and the problem was resolved.