SVG questions

Am I correct in assuming that SVGs are loaded and rendered once, and that those rendering are the used like any other image? (so, for example not using batik’s rotation)

If that is not the case, and I can’t imagine that you really special cased SVG clear through, then we could have crazy stuff like properties defined on the piece that translates into DOM properties and changes how the SVG renders (colors, line thickness, etc). Probably way too much work for little gain, (where is the patch Mr. McBeth?).

Thus spake “mcbeth”:

No, they’re not. See below.

I did in fact create special implementations of ScaleOp and RotateOp for
SVG, so that when you load an SVG image and want it scaled or rotated, you
get a rendering with the correct transform, not the untransformed rendering
scaled and rotated as a bitmap.

Once an SVG image is rendered at with a particular transform, though, the
rendered bitmap is cached, so doing things with DOM woudln’t work. I like
this idea a lot though—e.g., it woudl be way cool if it were possible
to change numbers on a counter via DOM.


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