Switching between PBEM and online

I’m just getting into using VASSAL [3.2.8], and I have a question about switching between PBEM and online play.

I’m currently playing the Space Empires Module (Se4x-close-encounters-2-1-final) as PBEM, using log files (begin/end log) to record moves and pass them about players.

For the more interactive battles we were considering trying online play to speed through. As a general question, and perhaps if anyone knows the SE module - more specific advice, is it easy to switch a PBEM game to online, then go back to PBEM.

All the guides discuss these two styles of using VASSAL separately… in my brief searching I didn’t find any discussion of mixing usage styles.

Thanks for any replies.

Sure, you can switch back and forth between live play and PBEM without any ill effects.

If you’re playing a live session and wish to continue PBEM, save the game locally when you wrap up your live session. That saved game will become the starting point for your initial PBEM logfile.

Similarly, to resume live play after a spell of PBEM, take your most recent logfile, play it back to completion, then hop online and have the opponent synchronize to you–that should get you up and running again.

This should work with any module, it is not advice specific to Space Empires 4X.