Sword of Rome Module works under 3.2.17 but not 3.5.7

The Sword of Rome module has a ‘SOLO’ player side which allows for the game cards to be unmasked. This works fine under version 3.2.17, the verion in which it was created. However, under the current version 3.5.7, the when trying to use the “SOLO” playerside, the cards do not unmask. (Unfortunately, the module is designed to automatically mask and unmask and do not have a menu option).

I don’t know if this is an issue with the module or differences between versions of vassal. I did want to bring this to your attention.


Have you asked the module’s maintainer about this? You can find the maintainer’s contact info on the module page.

Greetings Michael
I modified S0R for myself and friends. I had removed the Solo side per request. Some players are security conscious.
That was a few versions of vassal ago (March of 2020).
I just pulled up that version (K16) I upgraded it to vassal 3.5.8. (K17)
I then added a Solo side (K17-Solo)
I moved the mask command to the bottom of all the card prototypes and gave solo access
I just did a very quick check (4 player only), it seems to work.
I would also suggest as soon as you open the module, run the tools/Refresh-Counters command

here is a link to my google drive for the module. I will leave it there for a bit.
K17-Solo: drive.google.com/file/d/1BPVtMG … sp=sharing