SYmbolic dice button Window title

G’day all,

I’ve found a bug with the Window title of the Symbolic dice button.

In the editor, I have called the button “3 weapon dice”. I have typed this into the Name section at the top of the symbolic windows properties dialog. I have then checked the “Show result in window” option. Then in the “Window title format:” section, I have entered $name$ so that the name of the button is used as the window title.

The problem occurs when the button is first pressed during a game. Instead of displaying “3 weapon dice” as the title, the title is instead “name”. If I press the button again, then the correct title is displayed, i.e. “3 weapon dice”.

If I change $name$ to one of the other options that can be inserted, such as $numericTotal$, then the same thing occurs. It seems as if Vassal is ignoring the variable identifier “$” and just displaying it as text on the first button press and then reading it correctly on subsequent button presses.

This is fixed for version 3.1


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