Symbolic Dice : Still Impossible to grab values

Like a previous post at the Design Module forum section, here a point of what i’m able to say about How to get a specific symbolic die value …

Sample with a symbolic dice button which rolls 2 dice :



The results are still well reported in the function report line (result1 and result2)

But still impossible to exploit a specific value listed below in 3.0.17 and 3.1 :

Die1_result1 = UNKNOWN
Die2_result2 = UNKNOWN
Dice_result = SUM of Die1 and Die2 value
Die1_numericalValue = UNKNOWN
Die2_numericalValue = UNKNOWN

Dice_result1= UNKNOWN
Dice_result2= UNKNOWN
Dice_numericalValue = UNKNOWN

Now you know all …

It can be done
See this thread, you just need to expand upon it

Once the GP is set to $result1$, $result2$ etc… you then need a TA sequence
to exploit the GP right after you have rolled the dice

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Sorry Tim,

But i’m in the same case that the other guy … the sequence in which you refer is clear for me like oil in a dark place by night …

If i define Global Variables

G_DIE1 and G_DIE2 as GP … how to feed them ???

I don’t understand why you speak about trigger… and i do not have a token to support a trigger function …

If the initial value of the GP G_DIE1 is set to $result1$ … still nothing…

I do not know why you want to use a trigger … but if so, you can’t use a setglobal property trait to feed a GP and display it in a Textlabel (bug known in the current 3.0.17)

I think i’m at the end of line … :cry:

Thank you to have passed time for your answer …

Actually, as mentioned in the other thread, I (the other guy) did solve my problems, even though I am not sure if it is Tim’s way or not.

My problem was:

  1. roll 4 symbolic dice (say) and check result for each die, if a die shows a joker, say, then reroll that die once and let the user know;

  2. show the roll nicely somewhere (a specific map, next to some other pieces and cards and things).

Schematically my solution was:

  1. have some piece on the map (a “generator”) where I want the dice to appear to initiate the roll (a right button command, or action button);

  2. users execute the command which fetchs a “mock die” token from a game piece palette via a place marker trait and initiates a command on it which fires a trigger on the “mock die” initiating a roll of just 1 real symbolic die and incrementing a GP called DiceRolled by 1;

  3. a trigger fired by the roll checks the real die result (the numerical result associated with it); if it’s the number associated with the joker, then fetch an extra “mock die” token via place marker and put that 50 pixels below, say, and initiate a new roll from that too, showing the result via a corresponding layer of the extra “mock die”;

  4. then move on (a trigger firing after the initial roll) and fetch another “mock die” token placing it 50 pixels to the right;

  5. repeat step 2-4 again till DiceRolled equal 4; in the end you should have the 4 dice in a row where you want them, separated by 50 pixels each, with extra dice above any joker that was rolled.

Only annoying caveat: can’t manage to avoid the individual roll results to appear in the chat window (thus 4 lines each time, if there are 4 dices rolled in total)… If I turn off the option to show the dice roll in chat then it won’t roll at all.

Stine, this is a variant to a method I was thinking of, not same but still works :slight_smile:

You should be able to get rid of the chat reports though. I’d have to look more closely to see what your doing

stine020 wrote:

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Thank you stine020 (the other guy) :wink:

I can understand the way you have managed this, but not skilled enough to do it …

IMO, my first message indicate the “simple” and “logical” way to access to this simply like it is already done with the standard die function, without using a tank to kill a mosquito !!!

I will now create a Symbolice Dice commando group to liberate the symbolic dice from the Vassal Developpers :wink: :wink: :wink:

I accept too a link to your module to touch it …


Grégory aka Soft-bug : The Symbolic Dice liberator !!!