Synchronizing same name gp on different maps.. buggy?

I realize I am being pretty annoying with my continuos issues with synchronization… but I think I might have found a genuine bug this time.

If two maps have a global property of the same name it will work erratically when updated by one or the other player in an online game.

Sample module attached, with 2 maps and 2 pieces, each one dedicated to just increasing a gp called Counter in a particular map. A right click on FOO by either player and the Counter in map 1 increases ok. A right click on BAR by either player, instead, and the Counter in map 2 increases ok for the given player, but it does not increase for the other player, whereas the Counter of the first map does in its place.

The problem goes away when naming Counter2 the Counter in map 2.

This all assumes that a Text Label trait printing out $Counter$ on a map actually display the $Counter$ value from the same map… otherwise it’s Text Label which is buggy (but I think this is not the case here).

I haven’t tried this in a fresh module, but your module seems fairly straightforward and it does behave strangely. What’s more, synchronizing again after incrementing the properties reflected both as 0 for me. Have you entered this into the bug tracker?


Well, not yet. I was waiting for confirmation from those in the know that I was not allucinating ;)

Can I presume on your time and would you please also try the other sample module demonstrating bizzarre behaviour with Game Piece Layers and let me know? See previous thread on Synchronization.

Argh… I am very sorry but I think I ended up uploading a mix of Counter and Counter2 last night (the text label in map2 printing out Counter2). Sorry about the mix up.

Here is the correct version demonstrating the bug.

To clarify, I corrected the reference from Counter2 to Counter before testing your module.

I’ll let you know when I have a chance to test your other sample.