Tannhauser - Dead?

I noticed the mod/links for Tannhauser are dead. Is the community/demand for this game no longer there? Anyone no what happened to the module?

huh, i actually found the Tannhauser Vassal files on my PC. must have downloaded them months ago when I first found it. Now I need to learn French.


When you register to the Vassal Engine Website, you can contact contributors of a game module.

Then in your case to be sure to have the last release, try to contact Hebus at the Tannhauser Module Page.

I do not know if now FFG authorize the module, because it was done with the permission of Take on You …

Glad to see that soon you will be able to speak french with me !! :laughing:



No, you do not need to modify any HTML or CSS. To enable the Bulletin, you must first have at least one module published in the User 1, User 2, or User 3 position. Then, you must open Extensions > Template Manager and select js_vintage (either click the link, or select the bullet and hit ‘edit’). M the bullet is ticked for ‘yes’ next to the ‘Enable Bulletin Dropdown’, as shown As long as the Bulletin is enabled in the template parameters, and you have at least one module published to User 1, 2, or 3, then your Bulletin will be up and running.


Hello first post here.
I m really sorry to necropost this thread, i m not sure i should have created a new thread about this.
I would be interrested to know if anyone still has the module or would provide a link to this module.



Did you manage to get it? if you didnt you might want to try this
miah000.blogspot.com/2011/10/fan … nline.html

Not vassal but a viable option to play tannhauser online!