Teach me a game

So, I´m online.
I like wargames.
I have extensive experience in miniatures games, but very limited with boardgames.
I have vassal, and want to play.

Maybe you are looking for an opponent to play a game not very popular in vassal servers, or too obscure, or whatever.

I´m your chance. Write me to minifreaks at hotmail dot com (I´m online there as well) and tell me what game to download and start playing.
A little patience, a lot of writing in the chat window, and that´s it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m your man.Download Skype so when playing theres no typing and its just like face to face.I’m a miniatures gamer also.Reply here or call me on skype.(Jab5450).I’m on most evenings.

Later 8)