Terraforming Mars C2.2.0 plus Fan Maps by dd333 extension released!

Terraforming Mars version C2.2.0 has been released, along with an extension containing the 5 fan-made maps by dd333 (AKA David Jus).

This release of Terraforming Mars reorganizes the extension files, by incorporating the Colonies expansion directly into the main module, while splitting the 5 fan-made maps out into a separate extension. This will make maintenance of the main module simpler, while reducing file size for those who don’t care about the fan-made maps, and allowing for future creation of additional and alternate-version fan-made maps without bloating the module.

Many more promo cards from Seasonal, Turmoil, and Big Box releases have also been incorporated (which is why the file size increased despite removing 5 maps), and some more minor bugs have been fixed.