Terraforming Mars - incorrect Marker on prelude card

While recently playing version 2.2.0 of TM, my friend had an issue where he had 2 science tags on the table but wasn’t able to play a card with a 2 science tag prerequisite (“play card” was greyed out). Looking at the module, I discovered that the prelude card “[X39] Corporate Archives” has the marker ‘scienceTag’ instead of ‘scientificTag’ resulting in the incorrect science tag count. The “Discounts, Attributes and Properties” window was only showing 1 science tag.

Oops. Sorry about that, and thanks for the bug report! I’ll post a fixed version in a few days.

Apologies for the delay, but version C2.2.1 has finally been uploaded with this fix (plus fixes for [X45] & [X47], which weren’t properly marked as having no tags). It’s currently awaiting moderation, so should be available within a few days.