Terraforming Mars Module missing basic cards

Hello all,

I have just started playing Ter Mars solo. As I was looking the cards I noticed that there are a few that are missing from latest module. I have downloaded the previous ones and saw that they are missing as well.

The cards are:

002 - Steroid mining consortium

008 - Capital

013 - Space Elevator

014 - Development Center

025 - Space Station

046 - Lightning Harvest

057 - Vesta Shipyard

061 - Great Escarpment Consortium

065 - Building Industries

066 - Land Claim

Thank you


I’ll check this and update.
Thanks for the info.

Version 242 contains now the missing cards, with full code.
008 was already there.
I don’t have english version for cards 002,013,014,025,046,057,061,065,066.
If you have them, please scan them, and send me the images, size is 280x397, res 200x200.
If you have a bigger size than 280x397, don’t worry, send me them in good quality and I will edit and adapt.

I realize this post is old. If you still need the images, let me know. I think I saw Space Elevator in French during my last play-through.

Hi I confirm I never had these cards from the very 1st version of TM module here.
Please scan them, and send them to me.