Terraforming Mars version C2.1.16 released

Terraforming Mars version C2.1.16 has been released for use with VASSAL v3.6.19 or above. This is a minor revision, fixing a bug with Hand count and Research Hand count inventory windows always showing a count of “0” (due to a typo). In addition, Awards can now only be claimed in order from cheapest to most expensive (e.g., if you click on the “14” or “20” buttons when the 1st, 8 megacredit, Award hasn’t been claimed yet, the 1st Award will be activated instead). This change allowed us to automate Vitor corporation’s mandatory 1st action, to claim an award (right-click on Vitor during the first Generation action phase to see the new option).

This will also make it easier to allow for directly clicking on an Award to claim it (instead of having to click on the Award value then drag your cube to the correct award), but that has not been added to the module yet.