test build for 3.1.12

I’ve uploaded 3.1.12-svn6120, which I’d like to release as 3.1.12. The following bugs are fixed:

  • Bug 2873163: Cannot save module after adding bad SVG image
  • Bug 2871323: NPE in ImageIOException
  • Bug 2844284: Global key cmd “Suppress individual reports” bug
  • Bug 2835838: bad transparency for Type 2 Truecolor PNGs

Bug 2835838 is awfully irritating and has been around nearly forever.
Bug 2873163 could cause people to lose their work in the editor.


Please try this build and let me know whether it works on Windows and Mac OS X. (I’ve already tried it on Linux.)

I tested this release on Windows 7 and was able to install, play a few moves in a couple of modules, make a few module edits and view the server status. Is there a standard test regiment that you run new releases through?

Thus spake “narcisse”:

Pretty much, yes, unless there’s something specific that we feel needs
checking due to changes we made.

Thanks for having a look.


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Seems to work fine for me.

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2009/10/14 Joel Uckelman <uckelman@nomic.net (uckelman@nomic.net)>

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