test.vassalengine.org legit?

I just got an email from an entity calling itself test.vassalengine.org, with a link to this page: test.vassalengine.org/forum/
Is this something affiliated with vassalengine.org and legitimate?
It also mentions Discord. Is this something affiliated with the Discord messaging program?
I don’t remember signing up for any such forum.

Yes, that’s us. That’s the test machine for the upcoming website refresh. The test machine isn’t supposed to be sending out mail. Are you sure it’s not Discourse that it mentioned instead of Discord? (The forum that we’re migrating this one to uses Discourse.) Would you please forward me the message so I can see what’s going out?

You’re right, it’s Discourse, not Discord - my bad, apologies.
Uhh, forward to you? Sure, but I’d need your email. Feel free to PM it to me, if that’s what you mean.

My email is available on every post of mine, from the envelope icon below my avatar.

I don’t see an envelope icon below your avatar, nor on your profile page.
I went to your website to get your email.

I wish I could easily show you a screenshot. Pasting images will be possible on the new forum, but then this forum will have been replaced so it won’t be relevant anymore…

I’ve seen what you forwarded now. That’s the sort of summary email I’d expect it to send.

You mean like this?

I suppose the key word is “easily”, since I had to create the image in a paint program, crop it, upload it to a picture host server and then post it here.
But see, no envelope for sending you emails.

Huh. Strange. There’s an additional icon for me. This will all be moot within a week or two, though.