Testing a new game

Hello all,

I am a new member here on the vassal forum. I found this site while investigating publishing a board game I have designed. I am also a retired Flash programmer so I have programming experience and I decided to see if I could create my game using the vassal game engine, which I found required little programming knowledge, but still a fair amount of time to learn the ropes.

So after about 40 hours of intensive work, I now have my game working, but would like to test it out with some real opponents and get feedback before I make it available to everyone.

The game is called “Board Dominoes” and it combines domino play similar to Mexican Train but with a circular playing board for 2 to 8 players. There are three decks to choose from; Black dots on White tiles, Colored dots, or Colored Numbered tiles. I find the numbered dominoes much easier on my poor ole brain.

Unlike standard dominoes, this game uses some aspects of card play in the form of draw, play, and discard using both face up and face down dominoes. Double dominoes, when played to a common area, create interesting twists and turns by reversing the player rotation, busting trains already formed in the players trays, and forcing players to miss their turn.

Then we add chance cards similar to Monopoly and a Vegas style slot machine to create some gambling aspects to the scoring. Currently those options are not yet implemented in the Vassal engine, but will probably be released as extensions to the game later.

So I guess my question is whether or not it is proper to ask individuals here to test the game privately by sending them the vmod file, or is it best to just go ahead and publish the game as a module in the vassal library? Or are there other methods available I might not be aware?

If there are a small number of players who might want to play this with me online, I am in the Eastern Time Zone.

After reviewing the documentation, I think I’ve answered my own question. I have posted my new game, Board Dominoes in the modules section. For those of you who enjoy playing dominoes and cards, I think you will enjoy this game which introduces new twists to old games. Enjoy!

The game looks interesting. I’d be willing to play sometime today (Sunday 9/1) or tomorrow (Monday 9/2). I’m on the west coast (GMT -8).

I also have a Ventrilo server for chat, if needed. Or we can use Skype …although I’m not a big fan of it.

E-mail me at DrNostromo at DrNostromo.com