Text Label Activate/Deactivate

It would be nice if the Text Label trait had some of the options that the Layer trait has, I’d find it really useful if it had the “Always Active” checkbox along with a command to activate/deactivate it.

It would also be useful to be able to increase and decrease “levels” of text as can be done with the Layer trait


I recently had a case where I also wanted the ability to activate/deactivate a fixed (i.e., not player modifiable) text tag.

I see a number of use cases for the module turning certain pre-defined text lablels on/off. One can also do this with layers, but that requires an image rather than simple text.

Can you not create a dynamic property to contain either the label’s text or a null string? If you can (which I believe you can), you can then use named commands to set the property to the desired value depending on the situation. Similarly, the property can be assigned multiple values with named commands which would give the same result as the multiple levels of a Layer trait.

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That doesn’t really do it very well. For example, a wound counter, I want to be able to change it to whatever number I want but also have the option to hide it. It might not be a simple number though, there’s lots of uses for it.

Create 2 dynamic properties: one to contain the actual value you want the text label to contain (call it value for example), and one to be a true/false flag to indicate whether it should currently be displayed (call it display in this example).

Now, create a Text Label and set the text to be {display ? value : ""}. Now, you can alter value to change your current wound total (or whatever), and change display to either true or false to control whether it is displayed.

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