Text Label - Identifier

Add a Name field (or other identifier) to the Text Label trait. The Name would show up in the Traits list, to distinguish multiple Text Label traits from one another. (“Text Label - Combat Factor”).

As it is now, using several Text Labels on a piece, there’s no way to quickly tell one from another in the Traits window without opening each one.

There’s other traits that could probably use a name identifier, as well. One other that comes to mind is the Return to Deck trait as I may have several attached to the same card for the purpose of sending the card to one of several different decks and I have to open the properties of each one of them to tell them apart.

Good point, Doc. Looking at the other traits, most have name identifiers, a few that that don’t, and a few that likely don’t need them.

Lacking identifiers (but would be VERY handy to have):
Text Label
Return to Deck
Property Sheet

-Play Sound lacks an identifier, but it does list the sound file being played, so I guess that works out.

-Delete, Clone, Mark When Moved, Movement Trail, Restricted Access, Non-rectangular, Can Pivot, Mask, Invisible - these lack identifiers, but it seems unlikely that any of these would be assigned to a piece more than once, so they may not need them. Still, wouldn’t hurt. It would certainly avoid having to open each trait in the list to see what it’s for. It would also help make each trait more uniform and standardized.