Text label offset bug

I have two labels that are right-aligned to the left of the unit. They are written with different vertical offsets, so I expect that if both have the same horizontal offset, they would appear one above the other:
However, instead the second one is written from where the first one ended (because they are right-aligned):
(“.” is used because spaces seem to be trimmed by the editor)

Specifically, the top label is defined as
Vertical Position: Top Offset: 15
Horizontal position: Left Offset: 0
Vertical text justification: Center
Horizontal text justification: Right

Specifically, the bottom label is defined as
Vertical Position: Top Offset: 30
Horizontal position: Left Offset: 0
Vertical text justification: Center
Horizontal text justification: Right

The result is
TextLabel Screen dump

It seems to me that the offset is not reset to the original position when the second label is processed.

I first noticed this behaviour with Vassal 3.7.7, and it has not changed with Vassal 3.7.8

What’s the last version of Vassal which doesn’t have this behavior?

I don’t know. I first noticed it in 3.7.7, but at the time I used center instead of right justification where the effect is still there, but not so noticeable, especially if the top label has only one character.

Can I install earlier versions side-by-side with the current version?

Sure. If you’re on Windows, choose “Custom Install” to preserve other existing installs instead of auto-removing them. Get old versions from the release archive.

I think this bug is old.

I installed 3.4.0 and the bug was there. I couldn’t find a module that would run in an older version. How far back should I go, and what module could you recommend?

If it’s in 3.4.0, then the problem is likely ancient and you won’t find a runnable version without the problem. Thanks for checking.

A quirk of sorts I have noticed with having 2 Versions installed is that if you right-click on the module and select “Edit” or “Open” it opens the module in the earlier version. The Library for the Newer version has to be opened first then File > Edit Module (or Open Module) to be using the later version. I tried “pointing” the Module to the later Version in the File’s Properties but no difference. Not a big deal however, might be just me (Windows 11).


It’s not just you. For Windows users, it’s been the case going back as far as VASSAL has supported file associations that if you have multiple versions of a module present, and you are in the habit of double-clicking VASSAL-associated files (e.g. saved game files, logfiles) and relying on Windows to handle them, you have no way of predicting which version of the associated module will ultimately be opened. It can easily be the wrong one.

The recourse is to do as you say–launch VASSAL first, then open the requisite module version, then load in files.

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