Text repeating in Preferences screen

The name text for the Boards Directory and Extensions Directory is repeating. Saw this in VASL6.6.5 and VASSAL3.6.9. Could not find a cause for this in the VASL mod. I think it is VASSAL releated.



Try “Compatibility” preferences for a graphics option and see if that helps.

Does it happen with Vassal 3.6.10?

Yes. Just checked. Had not had a chance to download it before. LOL.

I found the problem. It goes back to 3.5.0 at least. There will be a fix for it in 3.6.11.


Please try the VASSAL-3.6.11-SNAPSHOT-af71df5-hide_fileconfigurer_label build from our builds archive. Does that solve the problem?

Installed and ran it. Solved problem. Thanks very much.