The Arab-Israeli Wars (AH1977) - opponent wanted

Looking to play some/all of the situations. Live play required due to opfire interaction. Located in eastern Australia (GMT+11) but with a very flexible time schedule.

Played this game some 35+ years ago but moved on to other stuff. Recently I’ve dusted it off and soloed through all of the basic and the first two standard scenarios.

I’ve not used VASSAL recently but do have some limited experience with it.

I am in Canberra so we have the same TZ unless you are in Queensland

I haven’t played AIW but I am keen to play. I used to own a copy but traded it away for lack of opponents

I have played Panzer Leader with my neighbour so I know the basics of the PB/PL/AIW system but obviously there are some rules changes going to AIW from PL. You will need to send me PDFs of the situation cards

I am retired so I can play most days/nights. I have a lot of VASSAL games on the go at the moment (mostly ASL) but I am sure we can find a slot that works for us

Best way to contact me is email at

I am on Skype (etopp62) and Discord (etopp #9387)

Eric Topp

Sounds like we have a workable arrangement. I’ll get a pdf together of the material you’ll need and get back to you.