The Case of the Vanishing Deck

I’ve found a situation where a deck or an at-start stack completely vanishes when I run a module. Yet there they are, smirking at me, when I edit the module. I have simplified the problem as much as I can. (See “bottom line” below if you want a quick explanation.)

  1. Create a module with two maps, “Main Map” with board “main” and “Stuff” with board “stuff.” The board images can be simple null images.

  2. In Stuff, create a Deck. Put a card or two in it if you like, and link it to the map’s board “stuff.” Also create an at-stark stack in stuff with something in it like a card.

  3. Cut and paste the deck and at-start stack from “Stuff” to “Main Map.” In Main Map, the deck and at-start stack will say for the board. Leave it at that. (In my more-complicated vmod, I have two boards, so the deck/stack has to be .)

  4. Save the mod. Exit. Run. Both the deck, at-start stack, and whatever pieces they contain will have completely vanished.

This drove me nuts for a long time because my decks and at-start stacks were hidden, so I had no idea they were gone. Now to fix it, do the following:

  1. Edit the module, and for the stack and deck, change to the board name.
  2. Save and exit.
  3. Edit again. For both, change them back to .
  4. Run. The deck and stack will appear as desired.

The bottom line: When a deck or at-start stack is moved (copied, cut) from one window to another and the linked board is set to (because the board names are different in both windows), something strange happens to their states. By establishing a real board for both, and then setting it to in a re-edit somehow clears the strange state.

This gave me fits because I put all decks and some at-start stacks in a temporary window called Stuff, and I planned to move them later to better places. My main window has two boards chosen at game-time, so I have to set decks and stacks to , something I normally don’t do. And that’s when my misery began.