The Chase of the Bismarck: Operation Rheinubung - 1941

Looking to play The Chase of the Bismarck - Operation Rheinubung - 1941 by Vuca Simulations. Purchased a copy about a year ago and need to finally get a game in. Can use vassal in real time. Played the Avalon Hill version several times in the past, but this first game may be more of a fun training session. I’m US Pacific Time Zone. Also willing to play FTF in the Seattle area.

Hello from St Peterburg, Fl. I have played the Avalon Hill game a while back. Always enojyed the naval battle. If you would give me a week to purchase a copy, would love to play it,

You can reach me at bond007jlv@gmail.

I went to UW for 1.5 years back in mid 80s. Love the area. I do miss it sometimes.